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Speedway - Team Management

At Speedway, we strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction from the moment you first contact our dealership. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, whether you are purchasing a new vehicle parts. Our experienced service consultants and service technicians are committed to keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance levels and our expert parts staff will meet your needs courteously and efficiently. Good luck on your Internet search and feel free to send us an email, phone call or stop by and visit us at our showroom in Lahore Pakistan. Thanks for stopping by our virtual dealership and let us know how we can be of service anytime. The facility has been the largest sales and service centre since its inception. We have received the highest sales award for four consecutive years and are currently the leader in overall sales. In future we hope to maintain our growth and deliver improved sales and service quality.

Meet Our Professionals

Haji Muhammad Aslam

One of our favorite quotes is “Challenge yourself every day to do better and be better. Growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances”. We started Speedway in 2012 with a vision of creating a company that is truly special. We wanted to build a company that is a magnet for talented people; a company with a unique culture that fosters professional and personal growth that builds leaders and challenges great people to become their very best. Great companies always need great people. So, we align our business with the best companies out there; clients who want only the very best professionals. And we deliver the best of the best. We specialize in providing our clients with over-achievers. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in your businesses and in your careers. We don’t take it for granted and we will work hard to continue to deliver the very best service for you.

Haider Ali Mughal
Chief Executive

As I look at the growth over the years since our inception in 2012, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a local Pakistan start-up to become a respected firm, garnering business from across the nation, while earning our clients' trust along the way. It is satisfying to know that we are able to help our clients build the strategic blueprints that enable them to connect and operate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently and economically. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance, and we hold ourselves, as do our clients, to the highest standards of quality. In this continually evolving marketplace, our clients are more informed than ever about their solutions provider options. Even so, they continue to select Speedway as their partner of choice because of our experience, commitment to quality and community, and integrity.

Muhammad Qasim Mughal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Speedway website. These are exciting yet challenging times at Speedway and I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about our leading-edge operations, financial performance, strategies, services, products, sustainability initiatives, and values. This website is part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communications to all our stakeholders as well as to the wider public interested in our activities.